Five Tips forSmart Shopping

I love to shop as much as the next person!  In a tough economy, everyone is looking to save and cut back on spending.  However, keeping in mind a few tips and tricks will help you afford those new clothing purchases. Put into practice on a regular basis, these guidelines can help you save now […]

From Rock-n-Roll beadhead to braids-Sp13′ Hair Trends

When was the last time you updated your hairstyle?  Well, if you’re still wearing the same style and color you wore in middle school, then it might be time for an update.  Nothing screams “I’m out of style” faster than a dated hairstyle and this is a pretty easy fix as long as you have […]

Quick Tips to take Your Office Look & Head Straight to the Holiday Party

The holiday party invites are in full swing.  If you’re invited to a party that is held directly after work what do you wear?  This will take a little planning, so here are a few tips: Head into your closet as soon as you receive the invitation.  You need to decide “how dressy is the […]

RSVP, seriously!

With Thanksgiving over, now is the time the holiday party invitations will start pouring into your households.  Whether the invitations are through snail mail or e-versions, most if not all, will say “RSVP” at the bottom or end of the invitation.   What exactly does RSVP mean?  Respondez S’il Vous Plait, is the French acronym […]

Nail it to me…..

The NAILS have it this fall with SO many incredible colors, styles and creative ways to polish.  I wanted to share a couple of articles I just read on nail colors and what the celebs are wearing: WhoWhatWearDaily mentions, “while it’s easy to ask your friends, co-workers, or even a stranger on the street what nail […]