Fall 2012 Red Lip Alert

Red lipstick has been around for years but this year it’s really been the focus of makeup artists and celebrities.  For Fall 2012, you’ll see more shades of red lips from bright red to burgundy.  Now, don’t jump on the red bandwagon just yet.  You will need to do a little work ahead of time to make sure you and your lips make a great appearance.  Here are 5 tips to make sure your red lips are smoking hot!

1.  Make sure you’re wearing the right shade of red.  Does your complexion reveal cool or warm tones?  To decide, look at your skin tone.  Do you have blue or yellow undertones?  If your complexion is pink or blue, you are cool and if you have more yellow tones you’re warm.  Cool tones should choose a red with blue tones in the lipstick and warm tones should choose a red with orange tones.

2.  Now that you have the perfect red, to apply it you will need to first prepare your lips with a lip primer or foundation and dusting of loose powder.  This will keep the lipstick from bleeding along with making it more long-lasting.

3.  Line your lips with a coordinating lip liner.  Feel free to color in some or all of your lip as this will also help the lipsticks staying power.

4.  Apply the lipstick using a lip brush.  This will help get the exact placement of the color.  You can make the color as soft or vibrant by using a lip brush, too.  Blot lips with a tissue and reapply.  Don’t throw away your lipsticks if you get tired of the shade.  You can always mix other shades of red, pink or orange to custom blend the perfect shade of red for you.

5.  Once you have your red lips on, remember to tone down other areas of makeup on your face.  Play down your eyes and cheeks, so the focus is on the lips, otherwise you’ll end up looking “clownish”.  Also remember as we age, our lips get thinner, so mature women should wear a lighter shade of red. 

Step out of your comfort zone and try red lipstick this fall!




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